Late Winter Fields

(posted by Larissa)

It is 60 + degrees here today, so we are suddenly completely "over" winter. But just a few short weeks ago, we were still relishing in its beauty and charm. The fields behind our house are old farm fields, relinquished by our landlord to the wills of nature. They are, thus, remnants of human industry, but now wear the cloak of nature's influence. They are framed by tree lines, and bear the imprint of deer beds and paths. Tall grasses and reeds shimmer in the winds. Field mice and voles scuttle around under the brush. Our dog pounces and sniffs around, occasionally coming face to face with a groundhog. The fields are serenely beautiful in their barren winter state; every shade of brown imaginable juxtaposes with the blue sky and sunsets blazing beyond the trees. Ryan's photos capture their essence beautifully, I think.

Enjoy these last few weeks of the season!