(Posted by Ryan)

We have a small landscape exhibition at Integrative Medicine in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Rob Bastress, the owner, suggested I hang some of my prints during a recent acupuncture appointment.  I seldom matte and frame my prints, but it's something I am interested in doing more of, so I thought, what better opportunity to put together a fine art portfolio? 

Integrative Medicine offers a unique atmosphere for artwork and I decided my landscape photography would fit into the environment well.  My landscape work is very serene and is based around the idea of finding beauty everywhere in the natural world.  This turned out to be a great collaboration between a place of healing and some of my favorite landscape photographs.  
If you've ever considered acupuncture, I strongly recommend Rob at Integrative Medicine.  Go in for a consultation and take a look at some prints.  If you're already a patient, let me know what you think of the new artwork in the hallways.