Creative Highways: Newts, Dunes, and Sasquatch Sightings on the Oregon Coast

Since this past Friday, July 3, we have been spending marvelous, long days with our dear friends, Kendra, Adam, and their dog, Jake. We arrived in Corvallis, Oregon on Friday afternoon, where Kendra and Adam currently live. Both are originally from West Virginia, but are now spending a few years in Corvallis while Kendra gets her Masters. Since they don't live in the next state over from ours anymore, it was quite a pleasure to reunite once again.

We spent the Fourth of July weekend camping along the Oregon Coast, sampling local beers (mostly Rogue brewery), eating seafood, hiking along the dunes and coastal forests, and having long coffee and chatting sessions every morning. It was a wonderful time with old, great friends.

Here is a sampling of the fun times we had:

Sadie loves digging along the sea shore. She chases rocks we throw to her, then digs them into holes and finds them again.

Sadie waits with bated breath as Adam prepares to launch a rock down the shore.

Fishery doorway in the bay of Newport, Oregon

Local beers and fresh seafood at Local Ocean Seafoods in Newport, OR after two days of camping.

Adam, Kendra, Larissa, and Ryan in Newport, OR

Sasquatch sighting in Newport!
Warning: this video may contain images that will shock and awe.

Our hike near the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area south of Florence, OR. The trail started at our campground and wound through dunes, forests, the beach, and a freshwater lake.

Rough skinned newt along our hiking path

Ryan's self portrait in the Oregon coastal woods

Big Trees, Little People

Kendra, Larissa, and Sadie fly and skip down a dune leading to Three Mile Lake, just off the beach - so many diverse ecosystems on this hike.

Larissa, Ryan, and Sadie on the Oregon Coast

Kendra hiking on the trail leading to the beach

Larissa and Kendra in the dunes

The dunes encroaching upon the forest

Adam and the tidal pools along the coast

Cliffs and coves along the beautiful Pacific coast

Kendra, Adam and Jake relax at our camp spot.

A tough decision at Rogue Brewery in Newport, OR

Tomorrow's adventure: say goodbye to Kendra, Adam, and Jake, and on to Smith Rock near Redmond, OR for some climbing and camping. Then, on to Moscow, Idaho, our old hometown for a few days!