Creative Highways: Video Recap

The following is a selection of the many videos we took along our 7414 miles during our Creative Highways project. They can't possible capture everything we saw, but they do show how many different things we experienced along the way:

This first video is a montage of many video clips combined into one video of highlights, showcasing the great variety of geography we crossed. I think it demonstrates the vast and diverse beauty of our country (song credit: "Scare Easy" by Mudcrutch. This song became the soundtrack to our trip). Can anyone identify where some of these places are?:



Underwater in Warm Spring Creek, near Bonneville hot springs, Idaho:

Sadie braves the gnar on Gedney Creek in central Idaho:

Soaking in Glenwood Springs Pool, a commercial hot springs pool, Glenwood Springs, CO. It was a gorgeous evening, and we noticed how mellow the crowd at a public hot springs pool is compared to those typical at public chlorine pools - ah, the magic of geothermal - so relaxing after a day of driving!:


At 8000 ft. in elevation in central Idaho, along the Seven Devils Mountain Range, Sadie (our dog) and I (Larissa) stopped after hiking and running the Narrows trail to take this video:

Sadie hikes at around 8,500 ft. along the Titus Lake trail near the Sawtooth Mountain Range in central Idaho:


Salsa Celtica performs in Hailey, Sun Valley, Idaho. An interesting mix of salsa and traditional Celtic music. We had lots of fun hanging out with the people of Sun Valley and our friends, Hallie and Julia. Check out the crazy dancers in this video:

And live reggae at the Draft House in Boulder, Colorado. This was recommended to us by our sushi chef at the great Sushi Zanmai. Just one night in a fun town and you never know what you'll get into:

Coming up next: the last photos from our trip, and some closing remarks.