A Day in D.C.: The Best of Both Worlds

Posted by Larissa

This Wednesday, Larissa and Ryan traveled from the country to the city for some face time with ad agency creatives and DC Fotoweek exhibitions. We had traveled to Baltimore for similar purposes last week, so we made sure to grab our little sack of quarters for parking and made our way to our nation's capitol.

Once again we were reminded of how expensive D.C. is in comparison to Baltimore. Both cities are equidistant from our town, but Baltimore seems to be where we have spent the majority of our "city" time of late. Ryan and I laugh now at our innocent little sack of parking meter quarters we never used after spending $30 on parking throughout a day of zipping around Georgetown and other parts of the city. Lesson learned...again.
We had several portfolio showings with some great firms, met friendly, creative people, and even managed to grab an IPA and antipasto at a brasserie in Georgetown. We saw some amazing international photographers at the D.C. Fotoweek exhibits such as Ernesto Bazan, Ziyah Gafic, and João Pina. At the Embassy of Sweden we saw an exhibition called "What Lies Beneath: Nature & Urban Landscape in EU Photography." It is always nice to spend some time immersed in other photographers' work, not just your own.
We made our way from appointment to appointment, to exhibit, to a seminar, to our friends' apartment for a late dinner, all through a consistent drizzle with no umbrella, Ryan tucking his portfolio under his jacket for protection. These adventurous days, outside the norm of our daily farmhouse office lives, remind us of our old city life and all the precariousness that came along with it. They remind us that this urban existence is just down the road, as are our clients, but we can always return happily to our simple country life at the end of the day. Can we have the best of both worlds? I like to think so.