Austin City Limits turns 35

(posted by Ryan)

I believe this is relevant not only because I am fascinated with time lapse photography but also because I love Austin City Limits and have a soft spot in my heart for Pearl Jam. I was only 11-years-old when Ten was released and although I've lost touch with the band over the years, it was this album that began to shape my early teenage years. In 7th grade I wrote all of the words to "Jeremy" in calligraphy for an art project. My mom didn't completely approve of my choice in songs, but we compromised by removing the f-bomb from the lyrics.

From what I understand, this video was created by using over 10,000 still photos. Yep . . . 10,000. Photographer Jonathan Jackson shot a photograph every 6 seconds from 9:09AM – 11:29PM to make this video.


Pearl Jam / Austin City Limits TV Taping / Time Lapse from Jonathan Jackson on Vimeo.