Inspiration and the Shape of Things to Come in Wedding Coverage

Posted by Larissa

© Stillmotion Photo + Cinema

Sometimes something comes along that causes one to stir in one's desk chair with an energy outside the daily trudge through the to-do list. You suddenly see that there is something to all of this endless searching, social networking, brainstorming, organizing, perfectionistic tendencies, and questioning that you do in the business of creativity. You see an artist's work that inspires you beyond voyeurism and envy - that inspires you to keep molding and refining your art and how you represent your art in doing business.

A friend passed along a link to Stillmotion Photo + Cinema, a wedding photography and videography team based in Canada whose work has inspired me today. While we are not solely a wedding photography enterprise, we do enjoy shooting weddings from time to time. Watching the videos on the Stillmotion site reminded me of why so many professionals are drawn to the wedding industry. I got so much joy from looking at the photos and videos on their site, not just because of the intrinsic bliss of a couple's wedding day, but because of the sheer level of craftsmanship that goes into each of Stillmotion's pieces of work.
I only hope that people can glean the same level of inspiration from our work, wedding or not. And stay tuned! The integration of video and still photography is certainly the shape of things to come here at Chace + Smith Photography and Ryan Smith Photography.