Powered Paragliding

I have put myself in a lot of strange positions in order to get the shot I perceive in my head, but I've never been able to truly get into the sky. Hanging off the side of a cliff, standing on top of a crane, or teetering precariously from the top step of a 12 foot ladder is one thing, but to be able to truly shoot from the air is a completely different beast. I have had a desire to photograph from the air for years and have never had the opportunity.

Recently, by a series of unrelated but oddly similar coincidences I have been introduced to the idea of powered paragliding. It wasn't long ago that I read an article about photographer George Steinmetz in PDN and was blown away by the uniqueness of his work. The other day I was talking with Zander Hartung, who happens to be a talented filmmaker as well as a paraglider. He reminded me of Steinmetz' work so I went back to take another look.

By looking at George and Zander's work, I was inspired all over again to find a way to shoot from the sky. The area in which I live offers a perfect platform for shooting from a powered paraglider. I live in a wide open valley with rolling hills, farmland and unique mountain features and have often dreamed of soaring through the valley.

It is my hope that in a few years I will be sharing aerial photographs of Mercersburg and the surrounding areas of Franklin County with you.

What inspires you?