Inspiration From One of the Best

Nadav Kander has been a photographer that I have admired for some time. He may be known best for his portrait work, but this project titled "Yangtze, The Long River" is absolutely stunning. Kander traveled from the mouth of the Yangtze 4100 miles to its source . . . a journey of epic proportions.

Both beautiful and haunting, these images compel me to search for more. This work inspires me in a way that few other photographer's projects have. These photographs are both contemplative and in your face, lonely and oppressive, critical and objective.

The scale of these landscapes is daunting. The geographic transformation of China and this mighty river are hard to believe in words, but Kander's photographs show the real transformation. What we are looking at here is a country in turmoil with itself. It's a country trying to learn how to grow without imploding. In Kander's photos we get a glimpse into this world and how this turmoil is affecting millions of people that have been displaced during the transformation of the Yangtze.

I urge you to take 10 minutes to watch this slideshow with commentary by Mr. Kander. I hope it will inspire you as it has me.