Don't let one person ruin your day

This morning I had an experience with a representative at a well known international shipping company that could potentially have ruined my day.  She was polite, courteous, but essentially clueless and of absolutely no help to me.  She was unable to meet my basic need of helping me understand where a package was and how I could retrieve it.  I should say, this is an important package that is very time sensitive.  I need to know where it is.

She assured me numerous times that she would put in a request for the local facility to call me.  I asked if this meant I could expect a call within the hour or within 2 days?  She had no idea.  I hung up the phone frustrated and angry.

I thought about this call for a while and wondered why the representative on the other end of the line wasn't able to help me.  After checking my tracking number again and seeing again that my package was supposed to be at a certain facility I couldn't help but assume the representative I spoke with just didn't want to put in the effort to help me.  So, I called again.

This time, I spoke with another woman who after listening to my story and getting my tracking number said, "Mr. Smith, can you please hold for a moment while I call the terminal?"

"SURE!" The previous woman wouldn't call even when I asked her to.  She said she could only put in a request, so hearing that my new representative was going to call was like finding out that Santa Claus was real.  Awesome!

After a short wait my new representative returned to the line to tell me my package was at the facility and I could pick it up today.  "Really, it's there and I can pick it up?  Thank you."

I haven't picked the package up yet this morning, but when I do I'm going to make sure that if one person can't help me I speak with someone else.  Some people are busy, some are having a bad day and some just don't want to help.  I have no idea of knowing why the first customer service representative I spoke with couldn't help me.  I can only speculate.  Maybe she was having a horrible morning and couldn't focus on doing her job.  My response to that is, if you can't show up and give 100% then maybe it's best not to show up at all.

The only person that should determine the outcome of your day is YOU.