Letting Go of Intent

Last night I stepped outside with my dog before bed and was awestruck by the brightness of the moon and the patterns of the clouds. I decided to grab my camera to photograph the moon and after about an hour ended up with this.

It's not at all what I intended to photograph and completely opposite to how I was feeling. I allowed myself freedom to experiment and let go of intent. By letting go and being spontaneous I ended up with a photograph that is much more interesting than my original vision.

I was getting ready to go to bed and was suddenly inspired by the moon. I photographed the moon and realized it was better not to photograph it. I was on my upper balcony and started to pack away my camera when I glanced down at the four white chairs in our back yard. Something spoke to me about those chairs in the floodlight and from that point on I was focused on something completely different.

Creativity is unpredictable. It's our job to be open, pay attention and nurture it when it shows up.

How do you make room for creativity?