Blog Hiatus

I've been on a blog hiatus as of late because of a severe lack of time . . . which is awesome because that means I'm working! There has been a host of projects pop up recently that I've been thrilled to work on. One surprising thing is that more video projects are already starting to roll in. I hadn't expected to start expanding this part of my business so quickly but it seems people are responding well to what I'm putting out there. I say bring it on!

Anyway, I'm off to shoot in DC and Kentucky this week, but I wanted to get something up here so you don't think I've abandoned ship. I have quite a few blog posts in mind including one about the photography class I taught this summer. I'll be writing that one once I return so stay tuned.

For now, here are some fun shots of my good friend Aaron ripping it in the Fayetteville, WV skatepark on his 30th birthday. Who says you can't still shred when your 30?