Snapshot: Digital Photography Class Recap

This summer I had the pleasure of teaching a digital photography class for beginners. The Chambersburg Council For the Arts approached me last spring about teaching a photography class. I was honored to have the opportunity to create the first class the Arts Council has offered. I designed the class for beginners and opened it to anyone interested in learning new ways of seeing.

The class met every Tuesday for 6 weeks throughout the summer and we covered a lot of material. Some of the topics covered included light basics, elements of composition, basic camera functions, flash photography and advanced camera functions. We filled the class quickly and had a great group of photographers from the area. Each week would start with a 30 minute lecture followed by an hour of photographing.

Over the course of those 6 weeks I was pleased to watch my students apply the skills discussed in class to their own unique vision. By looking through everyone's work I was able to see how differently all of us see the world even when taught the same skills. That's one of the greatest things about photography . . . no two people will take exactly the same photograph. Technically it's possible, but no one can recreate exactly what you see through your eyes.

The gallery below is a sampling of the unique visions of all the students who participated in the very first digital photography class. Thank you to all of my students for your enthusiasm for photography!