What I Learned This Year

I saw this post over at A Photo Editor and checked out the link to the Denver Egotist. They asked respected creative people in Colorado to say, illustrate, list, film, etc. what they learned this year. The responses are a great read and very insightful. Here is one of my favorite snippets from this article. I suggest you check out the whole article when you have a chance. I've been thinking of what I have learned this year and am planning to write a post about it along with a 2010 retrospective of the photographs I have taken this year. Stay tuned.

What I Learned This Year #8: Sean Leman, founder/director at Rehab in Denver #1: I am a moron. Not all the time, but more often than I would like to admit.

This year I learned how little I know. It has been humbling to discover my ignorance, my uninformed choices, and the unconscious assumptions that drive much of my thinking.

It’s beyond cliché to say that this industry is changing at a breakneck pace, but there’s a truth buried in that. Change and progress and uncertainty are gifts. They remind us that no matter how fucking smart we think we are, we’re really not.

I’ve learned a lot seeing what happens when I start from that place. When I’m open to the fact that there’s much to be learned. That my first answer is not necessarily the right answer. Let alone the best one.