Jim Mangan's Winter Children

I have been in love with winter for many years. For me, there is a sense of wonder that accompanies the cold and the snow. When you stop hating winter for all the complications it imposes on your daily life and focus on the mystery of it, you can find the joy of it . . . even on an icy day like today in Pennsylvania. Winter brings out a sense of playfulness in me. It's the simple joy of snowboarding or skiing followed by a few beers on a friends porch or throwing snowballs for my dog as she romps through the fluffy white stuff. Maybe it's the kid in me yearning for a snow day. What's better than spending hours in the snow with friends followed by hot cocoa in a warm, cozy house. Or what's better than hiking through the woods in a winter wonderland.

Ian Summers sent me a link to Jim Mangan's work last night. This morning when I flipped through the still images on his site and watched his video of Winter's Children I was reminded of the joy one can find with friends. It's seems like a simple enough idea and yet the way in which Jim does it is absolutely beautiful. I know I had a smile on my face the whole time I was watching this video. I hope you do to.