God Made a Farmer

In general, I don't get that excited by most of the Super Bowl commercials, but this time something really caught my attention. Maybe it's because I felt a connection to the images used in this spot. Maybe it's because I grew up in an agricultural community surrounded by farming families. Maybe it's because I thought the photographs were brilliant or maybe it's because I wanted to be the photographer who shot these images. Regardless, I think the ad was excellent. I'm sure there will be many naysayers, but from my perspective, it was brilliant. In fact, I would say it was the only ad that actually held my attention. I spent most of the game drinking and eating with friends and family, but by the time this ad came on, I was engrossed in reading my iPad while semiconsciously paying attention to the game. This ad brought be out of my stupor and pulled me in.

Paul Harvey's voice wrapped itself around me and demanded my attention. When have you heard a voice and a tribute quite like that? And then, the images did their work. They were beautiful, powerful and authentic. They made me jealous of the photographers given this assignment. It's exactly the job I would want to do.

I did some sleuthing and believe that the ad was produced by The Richards Group out of Dallas, TX. I also discovered that 10 different photographers shot for this ad, 2 of them being William Albert Allard and Kurt Markus. I'm not sure who the other 8 are and would love to here if anyone reading this knows. I think they all deserve some respect for their images. I've always looked up to the work of Allard and Markus and I would love to know who else contributed to this.

Lastly, I think the photo editor on this should be commended for his or her work. The sequence was perfect. The image selection made this story successful. And now, I think I'm going to go buy a Ram.



I just saw on A Photo Editor that the ten photographers who worked on this project are  Andy AndersonWilliam AllardJim ArndtDaniel BeltraMark GoochAndy MahrKurt MarkusDavid SpielmanMatt Turley and Olaf Veltman

And a first hand account from Andy Anderson's blog.