A Chicken a Day - Day 1

Today is April 3rd. For the next 11 days I am going to post a chicken a day. It's going to be automated so just in case I'm not around, you'll still get your chicken a day. There is hidden symbolism here. I am expecting the birth of my first child any day now and most definitely within the next 2 weeks. So, hopefully in the next 11 days, as you get to see a chicken a day I will at some point get to meet my son for the first time. You may wonder, "what the hell do chickens have to do with babies?" Well, let me tell you. Chickens have varied significance throughout the world from culture to culture. To me, they have come to represent birth. I think of spring and the daily birth of an egg. The incredible, edible, protein packed egg. On a daily basis I am amazed to see these 4 chickens sitting contentedly in my backyard laying egg after egg. Thank goodness my wife and her friend decided to go into the business of chicken husbandry. And thank goodness this spring has brought me something extra special. See you on the other side of fatherhood.